Adopted as a Stray and Released

As I munched on a Twix at gate G10 in the Cairo airport, I reflected that this was not how I expected my trip to Saudi to start. First, I anticipated some questions about where I was going. No one cared. I had a Visa so I continued on my path along each security check until I had said chocolate in my mouth. But to backtrack a bit, I entered the airport in normal jeans/t-shirt and once through the usual I plopped down in the lounge and waited. That hour seemed to last forever and when the call came to move to the gate I went into the lady's room and zipped up the Abaya. It seemed better now than on the plane.

Without tripping I made my way to the gate and sat (as you might expect) alone. I was okay with that. Then I was found. Nadia and her husband sat by me and next thing I know Nadia is showing me all their vacation in Egypt photos, their house in Egypt photos, their house in Riyadh photos and the brother's house in Kuwait photos.  Nadia's husband did his best to completely ignore us but her limited English and my no Arabic made him intervene.

Especially when Nadia decided I was going home with them upon arrival in Riyadh. I told her I couldn't since people from work were meeting me and I had to go with them. Then she decided that they would take me to the hotel. Husband stepped in and veto'd this and explained that I had plans. This was all in Arabic but the exchange was clear. (He oddly enough was from LA or had lived in LA for a time) So we moved onto cell phone number exchange which was another comic show and who knows what will come of that. I hope not much.

So we sat and Nadia pulls out a couple of Twix bars and we chomped away. Me as normal and her, lifting up her veil so no one can see if she's neat or not. Me, well wouldn't you know it, on the Abaya's first outing, I manage to spill a Twix crumble on it. Then I rub it in instead of off. Now I have a chocolate smudge on my chest and pulling out a Shout wipe at this time was not in my best interest. For you Cruise Trekkers, the mob that rushed the door as soon as boarding was announced, made all the pushing on Costa seem like polite society. Nadia pulled me along as her husband created a path.

As we backed up on the jetway, I could see the husband have the conversation. "No, you can't keep her." I'm sure the response was "but why? I like her."  (earlier she had shown me a picture of her dog, Lassie, so you can see why I imagine where this was headed.) "No"

In the way things end, they zipped down the rest of the jetway, I let the mob close the gap and as they went down to their seats, I took mine. Didn't see them again but I do thank Nadia for distracting me while waiting to board.

I sat down in 3C.

To be continued.


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