Christmas Market

The Christmas Market was an unexpected treat. We were wandering around the hotel area to find the train station, the underground, and get our general bearings. The hotel desk clerk had recommended a place for beer and we found it but it was still too early to go in so we wandered through a park and saw a giant Christmas tree.

 Lured by the lights we had to go in and found the Christmas Market.
 Lots of craft stalls (we're going back), food (have to try the creme puffs tonight!) and drinks. The band played all the usual Christmas songs and even here in Austria, Feliz Navidad was played. It was funny to hear the band explain the Spanish words so the audience could sign along. Aside from the band, Keith & I were probably the only two other people who knew the song.  That tree really is huge. Look at how small the band looks next to it.
Not quite Glogg, this was straight hot wine out of a steaming pot. Several add-in options exist  but on the first night out, I was happy enough that we learned how to order the right thing. Steaming hot wine only stays hot for about 15 minutes in this cold so drink fast!