Time to End this Trip!

Done. Complete. All I have left to do is get myself to the Kuwait airport on time in the morning. Two alarms set to make sure I get up at 4:30 am. I've had a strange trip. My face finally has the weary look of someone who is the region frequently and is no longer fazed by impromptu fights at the airport over nothing. Or traffic that careens right next to your face as everyone swerves along. Twice I've been asked if I live in the region. Oddly, both times people asked if I lived in Jordan but no, I was only in Amman on this trip for 35 minutes to make a flight connection.

So good-bye region until next time! I leave you with the view from my room at the Holiday Inn Kuwait.


  1. You should've posted a review on your hotel on eezeer too ;)
    What is Kuwait like these days?


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