Cairo - View from the Room

The usual hotel had over-priced itself so I'm trying the Ramses Hilton. Old but hopefully not too bad, I'm sure it will be okay for a few days as long as the flea bite I just got is the only one. Instead of a Nile view, I decided it was time for a city view and do I have a great one! I'm on the 26th floor and this is the direct view from my balcony:

 Zooming in a little closer
 I brought the old camera so you can't quite see in the windows but you can see the laundry, the open walls, the debris everywhere. It's on the top of the buildings, in the streets, in the gutters. I don't know how they're all getting around.
 And the contrast. If I turn to my right, the city. What a difference in the two sides of the tracks.