Working in Riyadh

Turns out that I don't need to wear a headscarf after all. Not required for Western women but I did wear a hat at the restaurant. This is the family section and it's the only place where women and children can go. It's a lot smaller and not even close to being as nice as the regular guy section. What you see behind me is the curtain rod where the families close the curtain so the women can eat without wearing her full face covering.

I wasn't supposed to go in the kitchen or on the frontline but I did. Two trainers did not get their Visas so we had to make the training class work. Luckily no one complained (not arrested) and although the manager had many comments and questions about me from the guests, when they found out what was going in, they were all happy about it.  Who knew?

In the office the hat and Abaya came off and I was in the normal shirt/pants attire. Photos of that later. This has been a great week and I'm really glad I was able to get to Riyadh.


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