Sherlock Holmes Pub

Sherlock Holmes even has a pub inside the Ramses Hilton in Cairo. This was my first day without meetings, class, or travel scheduled and I used the morning to get caught up on work. But when the waiter in the lounge told me I was working too much and to stop, I listened, packed up and decided to see what beer was offered in the pub.

Turns out it was Heineken.  I don't really like Heineken but after 14 days with no beer it was pretty tasty!

Then I went local. Sakara Gold - the same lager that I dislike all over the world. Someday I'll stop trying local lagers.
Mohammed tried to take away the bottle but I told him I needed a beer photo. He watched and then offered to take one of me and my beer.  Mohammed carefully aimed...I watched and said nothing....because it was funny.....and when the flash went off right in Mohammed's face, he realized he's taken a photo of himself. Of course there was no way I was deleting that!
 Turning the camera around,  he got me, the beer, and some Sherlock Holmes decor.


  1. And I bet the locals loved their local, yellow fizzy beer. Also, there is a floating bowl of something in the first photo.

  2. DebbyMc10:53 AM

    Sherlock Holmes in Cairo...who knew... Love trying local beers...BUT...well, you know...


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