Kuwait - Newspaper Still Full of the Usual Mess

Oh Kuwait Times! You never disappoint. Where else can I read about Parliament corruption and the story of how the vote matters and will change things. Yet the people keep voting back in the same people that were kicked out earlier for corruption. I've been reading the same story for five years now. Same names.

Arrest Report:

Two Americans were arrested upon arrival in Kuwait for carrying hand grenades. The American's denied knowledge of said grenades in their luggage. Investigation underway.

A school janitor was arrested for having porn on CD's in his house. A spying neighbor turned him in.

Wild animal alert - seven sheep killed on a farm by Wild Animal. No reports of what kind of animal.

Crazy news stories continue. Crazy US-Yemeni cleric has called for all Americans to be killed at will. He also doesn't like Iran.  Obama and India are big news as is the Myanmar election.