Hawaii called and who am I to refuse the call? Courtesy of the job, I'm in Waikiki for a conference but that doesn't start until Monday. In early to enjoy the weekend and the way things go, this is hotel stay #1 of 3. Hyatt Place - way at the end of the main strip and close to the zoo and Diamond Head. I even have a balcony that wraps around the room so various views! The ocean is the best one!
 Diamond Head except the famous part is blocked from view by the condo.
And showing off my sunscreen slathering before going truly outside! yes, I rubbed it all in but this  is what it takes to have safe skin! The flight was good, I had a nice seat mate, and oddly, I seem to be relaxed! It's too far to walk to Maui Tacos right now so first up will be to get some eats.