Test Post for a Link

I'm on Week 2 of the Blogging class. The preferred format is Wordpress (sorry Blogger!) and I reactivated an account that I've had for 5 years and totally ignored. I like the ability to customize the page a a click instead of need to use html coding. I'm doing a test here because I put the setting to private, then back to public, but now I'm having trouble linking to other sites.


Test complete. Link worked. There's nothing to view there except a couple of Africa pictures.


  1. I've never used wordpress. Maybe I need to re-start my blogging again too.

  2. I'm going to do the Wordpress launch on July 15. Class work in Week 1 was choosing a theme and playing around with the layout. Week 2 is to outline the reasons why I'm blogging and how to manage it. I'm going to set a once a week post goal for the other blog so I don't get burnout. You should do a once a week goal with me. Start with Seattle.


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