Time to Write!

I admit the 140 character of Twitter and the ease of Instagram have impacted my writing on this Blog. Yes, work takes up a lot of time and my work life when doing office work is boring but that's really me, not the lack of time. After all, I can easily binge watch television at any time!  What's the solution? Sign up for a one year blogging workshop to motivate me! After all, I just spent the money and now I want to work on the return!

Watching the first course now and I'm glad that I don't want to make money off this Blog. It's a lot of work and I don't need a second job - one is plenty!

So where to start? I'm going to a Star Wars convention on Friday so that seems like the first commitment. Instead of a lonely R2DR picture I'll write about the experience. Although maybe I'll moblog. We'll see, stay tuned!