Drought Comes to the Yard

The ice plant is long gone and any remnants of what was once green grass are far removed. Even the gopher hasn't been digging about. (I know it's still out there,waiting to taunt me!) The lizards play and spiders attack and with all that the succulent transplants are taking off. I'd post a shot of the new landscape but it's so sad looking that embarrassment has the best of me and I'll wait for these guys to grow in a bit more.

I've taken to bucket watering now. Extra water collected while the shower is warming up. Water from rinsing out the coffee pot. The plant below was looking close to death and who knew all it needed was a caffeine buzz? Coffee water works! I make light of it but our drought is real. I don't understand why people still water their drive ways down or let water run unattended. Price hikes are the only way to reduce usage. I don't look forward to paying more but I think we must. I wonder how the yard will look come July? Wait and see....