POW! WOW! HAWAII - Street Art

Honolulu is giving street artists an annual venue in the warehouse district. Every February a new set of artists are selected and given walls to paint to showcase their work. Workshops are held on technique and how to promote your art and it keeps unauthorized work showing up in other places.
Since the walls are painted over each year, what you see here might not exist in March 2016. This keeps it fresh although some of these are incredibly detailed. It's a truly temporary exhibit.
I know there's political messages in some of the art. Some I can figure out, some not so much so without knowing who the portraits represent.
 This was part of a lager wall, full of people. Walking the streets of the warehouse district is full of surprises if you look. I wish there was a description from each artist about their mural. If you want to learn more go to: http://powwowhawaii.com/