Star Wars Celebration

This weekend brought the return of the Star Wars Celebration to Anaheim and The Force drew me in along with 1000's of fans. 1000's and 1000's of fans until you couldn't walk without running into a Wookiee, or a Leia, or, well anyone! At one point someone commented, "it's almost too much of everything to be fun." Truth in that statement for sure and I felt that way a bit myself until I reconnected with why I was there and it was fun.
R2 units and all the variations of every droid found and not found in the Star Wars universe! The R2 Builders club is full of people who love these droids so much they build them from photographs, blueprints, movie screenings, anything they can get to replicate the actual prop used in the movie, you'll find it here. Even Pink Five was there. (google it and enjoy the fan film)
The Landcrawler!  Jawas working on droids! If you wanted to wait in the line, R2 Builders had done a line up. That was one that would have been fun but not worth the wait in line. Still - the excitement builds and I'm ready for December and the next movie!
 Even the bad guys get their space.

And finally - when even ANA Airlines gets in on the R2 act and is at the convention promoting their R2-D2 painted airliner, well who can't get a little bit geeky on that? Do I want to say I was on that plane! As a veteran of a Shamu plane and a Hobbit plane, you bet I want to fly this one!!!! And that's where the excitement still comes in even with the crowds, the lines, and the exhaustion. I was there when the first movie opened and I'll be there when we get the next one!