Queen Kapi'olani Garden

Tucked away on Kuhio Drive behind the Honolulu Zoo is a small garden with a few paths and plants. Surprisingly, I was the only person in the park at 8:00 am. I say that because every other park in the area has a second use as a homeless camp and is full of tents, umbrellas, and shopping carts Those, along with their owners either sleeping or looking through trashcans for cans and bottles to turn in for cash. So this little pocket garden was a pleasant diversion away from the troubles of the world.
Small with mostly ferns and trees, the garden was full of plants waiting to flower. With my allergies going in full gear I was somewhat happy that I was there pre-bloom.
 A couple blooms showing off their stuff. Seems to me it's time for more pollen to occur!
 I'm glad I took the sided trip to walk around the zoo. I was able to see a part of Honolulu that seems  to go unnoticed by locals and tourists alike.