I arrived in Barcelona and decided that I under packed warm clothes. 60f sounds all well in good from my living room in Carlsbad but the reality of 50f, clouds, and a wind just shows how little So Cal clothes hold up in Europe in the winter. I didn’t sleep on the flight. Too many people were working and the airplane was lit up. I’ve now been awake 22 hours and I’m at the airport waiting for everyone else to arrive. I fly UA and they are on AA so I’ve got two hours to entertain myself. Logically, I am having a beer. It’s a Belgium beer, nice and light for almost 11:00 am. The Spanish beers were just to heavy to deal with on a tired mind.

I did 2 out of 3 papers for school last night and took the test. I just could not concentrate to do the other paper so now I know how I’ll be spending tonight. Well I have time to hang out and I just bought an hour of wireless, so I’ll probably have to have a second beer!

OH, I never made it to see Harry Potter before I left so I hope it’s playing in Barcelona!


  1. Belgian Beer in Barcelona - say that 5 times fast!


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