We spent Thanksgiving Day finally relaxing…sort of. Instead of walking for miles to see the sights, we took the hop-on-hop-off bus around the outskirts of Barcelona. The first stop was to Park Guell where Gaudi had built his home in a large park setting full of steep stairs and walking trails. We immediately started up the stairs to reach the top of the park. So much for relaxing. After wandering around for an hour or so it was back to the bus to go to the mountain tram. The tram was offline for the season so we wandered around another hill taking in the views of the coast of Barcelona. This is where the rich people live. Next stop was at the monastery which closed at 2:00 pm for tours and it was 1:57. Oh well, we found some trusty stairs and walked some more before taking a quick look inside the cathedral. We’d now been in Barcelona for 5 days and still hadn’t officially gone to the beach so we hopped onto another bus and did the official beach walk. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without some type of meal and Hard Rock CafĂ© was where the action and the food were for the day. We wandered the streets one last final time that night before saying good-bye to Barcelona.