Today has been something else. On a sad note of terrorism, Amman, Jordan had three simultaneous explosions hit downtown hotels. Many people have died and many more are injured. What makes today different for me is that one of hotels, the Hyatt, was where I stayed back in October. Now, I can visualize the location and the employees of a Middle East terrorist attack and it is a different view than I would have had four months ago. Will this keep me from returning to Jordan? No. I am looking forward to my next trip and reconnecting with friends. I have work to do there and I like the country. As I tell people, I could get hit by a stray bullet in San Diego or LA at any given time.

The other thing that happened is the 1-800-got-junk? truck arrived today and took junk off my hands. The upstairs office has become a big room again and downstairs, what is now unofficially LJ's television sits on the floor. The selling and moving process is in motion and I think it will only pick up in speed around me. I sense there's no turning back anymore. Today, that applies to more than just my home.

No neighbors witnessed the junk truck so I have a few more days before I have to announce the future sale, resign from the Homeowner's Association, and once again be in the spotlight as "neighbor of the moment."


  1. When I saw the report of the bombs exploding in Jordan, I wondered if you stayed at one of those hotels. I figured if you did that you would blog about it.

  2. I need the 800-Junk details. We were going to call and get the 411 but you are closer and more honest. Do they take all kinds of crap? How much do they charge?


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