The last 48 hours have gone by so fast! I spent Sunday cleaning and packing the condo to get it buyer ready. This morning I still have to tidy up the office to have everything ready for today's photo session. Homer took one of the keyboards to his house and now my downstairs looks huge!

I did make time to go see "Goblet of Fire" and I liked it but that review will have to wait another day. I still have to download the rest of the Barcelona pictures sometime this week. December is almost here and event season has started! The big kickoff is this Friday for the Firkin at KS Carlsbad, followed by a scrapbook day, LJ gets her TV, and then Disney! Next weekend is more of the same with a LA holiday party and then in the way that my life goes, I fly to Pago Pago on the 11th for work.


  1. You have a totally bitchin blog! How cool all that travel. I'm waiting with baited breath your review of "Goblet" Goo luck in statistics. I made it through finance, you can do it!


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